Thank you for visiting! This site has been a long time in coming, but with all the recent “changes” over the past year, I finally made myself sit still long enough (trust me it was a challenge) to watch billions of tutorials and begin creating it. I am excited to see it grow as I add more products. I’ve been designing since I was a child, always sorting and tweaking things to be just “so so.” You’ll learn more about me as I carve out time to start blogging in this site. I hope you’ll check back soon to see what I’ve been up to.

Design isn’t limited by mediums and I like to work in a variety of them. You’ll find special crochet products, downloadable patterns for some of my crochet designs, jewelry made with glass and gemstone beads, crystals, leather, wire, string, and more. Eventually I want to offer some of my artwork on greeting cards and framable lithographs. Watch for them towards the end of the year.

I enjoy learning about you and it wouldn’t surprise me to discover we have things in common. I do my best to respond to each inquiry, with the heartfelt intent of developing a long lasting relationship and learning more with and about you.